Since my Spring semester is over, I will now focus on my own projects, and maybe get to work with people on some as well! Though I still have more Java to learn, of course. The last chapter of the book that is. Happy Summer vacation to all!


April has been going by fast! Raise your hand up if you agree. I can't see it. As you can see, I'm slowly improving this blog. Just now, I changed the order of dates from the latest blogs, descending to some older blogs. Today's also Christian Orthodox Easter which I celebrate, and let me tell you, our homemade cupcakes are out from a different universe. If you're not sure what I'm talking about, reasearch “Russian Easter Cakes” on the internet, and you'll see what I'm discussing. Are you an iOS Developer? Check out the Github repository I posted here! Before using it, please make sure to read the instructions and the README.md file. That's it! Thank you for reading, hope you enjoyed.


Happy April! We have a lot coming up! Holidays, warmer Spring days, and school finals. Thankfully after that though, we get a nice long break! From school at least. It will also be a great opportunity to pick up new hobbies and interests!


Second blog! Hope everyone is doing well, If you're in the tornado area, I hope you're staying safe. Today's topic I would like to talk about, mornings. Not a lot of people like them. Waking up early for school, work, I get it. When I have to get up early, I try to start it with a nice shower, music, and a cup of water. You'll feel refreshed, awake, and hopefully, ready to start the day motivated! Of course, there may be a song stuck in our head, other than that, you'll feel good. I am trying to keep these blogs short for the reason being, they're more enjoyable and quick to read! Have a nice one, everyone! :)


See what I did there? Happy Pi or 3.14 day! Also my first blog post right here on my website! I will keep this short just as proof that I want to start blogging.


I'm born!

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